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A compass for cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming for you and your loved ones, leaving you with many questions.
My Cancer Navigator offers personalised, science-based information about cancer and treatments in easy-to-understand language, free of charge.
Our goal: to help you navigate this challenging time.
My Cancer Navigator is a compass for cancer patients looking for evidence-based information on cancer and treatment options

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Have you received a cancer diagnosis?

Or are you facing an important decision in your cancer treatment? It is complex sometimes, and you probably get a lot of information, which may be difficult to understand or even conflicting.

Do you want reliable answers to your questions?

We can clear up the confusion, offer clarity on your options, treatment guidelines, and the latest developments in cancer therapies.

We listen to your story!

We research the scientific information, and provide you with personalised answers, so that you can make well-considered decisions together with your treatment team.

Offered by the Anticancer Fund

My Cancer Navigator is a free service offered by the Anticancer Fund, a Belgian non-profit organisation with an international scope.
'Care today, a cure tomorrow' reflects the focus of the Anticancer Fund on delivering tailored patient support and advancing research, for more and better cancer treatments.

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Helping hands

My Cancer Navigator is financially supported by the players of the National Lottery and the Belgian bank-insurer Belfius.

It's important to note that individual patient data are NOT shared with any of these parties.

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What we do and can do, relies entirely on private donations.
Thanks to your support, we can spend the time and effort that is needed to help more cancer patients reaching out for clear information.
So, donate.

Anything helps.